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Gurney's Seed and Nursery Co. is a mail-order seed and garden plant company based in Greendale, Indiana. Founded in 1866, Gurney's specializes in vegetable and flower seeds, gardening supplies and nursery stock, including trees, shrubs, perennials, fruit trees and berries, fertilizers and plant foods. Gurney's distributes catalogs throughout the nation, and maintains a considerable web presence.


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Cook (Former Employee) says

"14-16hrs a day and ur lucky if u could catch your 30 mins break. 1 day off a week w/ 65-85hrs a week. Horrendous kitchen, work environment and has a terrible management. hazards and cross-contamination is not in their vocabulary. All about making money and prioritizing customers, but little to no care for employees.Pays goodPays good but exploits you in every way"

Barbara Deckert says

"Earlier this year I ordered a dogwood and two gooseberry bushes, which were both 2” high; all three failed to leaf out and died. On 3/25 I ordered six each tomato and pepper plants with expected shipment in early May. They did not ship until 6/5 and did not arrive until 6/12. The tomatoes were 2” high and stunted, shriveled, and yellowed. The peppers were green stems with no leaves. I have photos. I would never purchase such poor quality plants from a nursery, but I am now housebound due to the coronavirus. I asked for a refund but have had no response. I am a lifetime gardener. Gurneys has probably taken every order they could and then shipped inferior plants to make a swift buck off of people desperate for plants to be shipped to them. Shame on them."

Catherine McCallPyne says

"Honestly if I could give it zero stars I would. Don’t waste your money. Terrible customer service I’ve been waiting two days for supervisor to call me back. The product is terrible and they never have anything in stock. Save your money and shop elsewhere."

Consumer says

"I can only give my experience 1 star because I can't give less. I ordered sweet potato plants on 1 June 2020. My order shipped 5 June 2020 and did not arrive until 18 June 2020. My plants were dead. Most plants were completely dried up...some stems were green but all leaves were dead and though I tried to revive the green stems by placing in water(as per the enclosed instructions), all of the green stems turned to mush within 2 days. Prior to my order arriving, I had called the main number to inquire about the plants and reached a call center in the Phillipines. I was told by that rep to call FedEx or the USPS. I called FedEx and was told the package was in transit. When I opened the package on the day of delivery I took pictures of the dreadful condition of the plants. I called the main number again today, waited on hold for a long time, and finally reached the same call center in the Philippines. I demanded a refund and asked how I could reach someone from Gurneys in the USA. I was told to call the main number.
Bottom line, I did not receive live plants...I received compost scraps."

Ryan Lahurd says

"I wish I had read these reviews before I ordered. I ordered in May and got an email saying plants would ship but June 8. It is June 18 and I have not received my plants. Don't know whether they have shipped. The growing season is 1/3 over here in Chicago and I have nothing to plant. I received notice of a refund from PayPal and nothing from Gurney's. When I checked several plants were deleted from my order. Never any communication. I called customer service and was told "We haves to ship summer plants by June 22. They'll come.""

Kelly Wampler says

"Ordered rhubarb bulbs and when I received them one had a split below the crown and I just tried anyway. I just got out of major back surgery and asked my wife to just dig easy to find the bulb and it was mush, they just threw the bulbs in a bag with no protection no bubble wrap and at $20.00 a bulb and sent me the most sad sweet potatoes starts I have ever seen. Then I finally got a person on the phone they are out of everything and sent me a email that they were canceling my order for non payment, WHAT THE HECK"

Robert Fillmer says

"I ordered 2 types of tomato plants, they shipped them on a holiday and they sat for 3 days in a terminal and then 2 days to get delivered. they were dead when they got here and half of them the stem was pinched in half, I didnt even try to plant them. I have wanted to try grape plants so I thought I would give it a try, 1 was OK the others looked like cloths pins with bare roots, how is this supposed to grow. yes you get a credit but to reorder they tell you that they are out of stock. how can you be out of stock in May. so save the hassle and poor products, go shop at Home Depot"

David McKee says

"In the past I've had good experiences but this was my experience is terrible. Starting with inaccurate catalog information to changes made to my order without notification. The customer service was unhelpful and incredibly dismissive. You would not want to plan a garden and plant plants based on the shipping from Gurney's. They have absolutely no intention of keeping their promises and try to placate you with nice sounding words."

Anna says

"They are selling items on their website that they don’t have. I ordered two things and one never came, and after waiting forever to speak to someone, they informed me they are out of stock, don’t know when they will be in stock, and can only offer store credit with a BS code that probably won’t work. That’s not a COVID issue, that’s an issue of crap business practices and horrible customer service. How lame."

Nic Her says

"Placed my order on line since they dont answer the phone due to virus.
All seed potato items in stock ready to ship One small pack of squash seeds were back ordered.

Virus did not hold up Gurneys from charging my card the full amount immediately!

Still no response to emails to customer service, no on line chat like their recording states either.

Today the potato seeds have been updated to back-ordered for 5 more weeks, long past the date they can be planted for this year.
Order elsewhere this company will accept your orders, bill you immediately then fail to respond,

Stay away from Gurneys plenty of other better merchants out there."

D Swanner says

"I've been a Gurney's customer for over 40 years now. And, they do sell some nice varieties. BUT, they've gotten a little outrageous over the last few years. Prices have been inflated so they can do weekly or semi-weekly 50% off sales. They're like the stores that repeatedly run 'Going Out of Business' type sales. Just give me a fair and honest price like you guys used to, OK? People are intelligent enough to understand that you can't sell fairly priced stock at half-price on a regular basis. We understand you're just 'jacking up' the prices for these sales. And, don't sign up for the email list unless you want to be spammed with an AM and PM email from them with 'special bargains'. This is 2020. No one wants to receive 2 daily emails/7 days a week from their seed company. Most modern companies understand this and limit promotional emails to once or twice weekly. Realistically, I do most of my seed/plant shopping at other sources these days. I don't like what the company has become. But, I do still place the occasional order with Gurney's. Take this as notice, guys. Your changes over the past few years is driving away your core customers that have been with you for decades."